The Lord's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

There is perhaps nothing that captures the mix of human trust and emotion quite like prayer. In prayer, we have the unfathomable joy of gaining access to the sovereign God of the universe. We can call out to the God who made us and know he has promised to hear us. And, in prayer, we have the ability to cry out with our deepest desires. We can confess sin, plead for blessing, and shed tears of both sadness and joy. Jesus himself prayed all the time. Our Lord knew in his humanity that prayer to his Father was a vital part of a life of faith. If it was necessary for Christ, then it is essential for his people—the Church. This season at NAPC, we invite you to join us for a 6-week Winter Small Group Study on The Lord’s Prayer. We will look at one portion of the prayer from Matthew 6:9-13 every week, learning to incorporate its theme into our own prayer life as we go.

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